Büchereiverband Österreichs
Museumstraße 3/B/12
A-1070 Wien

Tel.: +43/1/406 97 22
Fax: +43/1/406 35 94-22
E-Mail: bvoe@bvoe.at

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The Austrian Library Association offers a wide range of services to Public Libraries to facilitate their work.

We provide access to subsidies and help with evaluation and performance measurement. In addition, we provide information on project funding by the Federal Chancellery of Austria (BKA) and the Austrian Federal States. Large-scale campaigns and projects for the promotion of literature and reading support the core task of libraries and grant public attention. Our magazine “Büchereiperspektiven” (Library Outlook) and other publications are a key source of information on current library-related questions and discussions. We also offer a wide range of cost-free online content. The Austrian classification system is also available online.

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